Web Design: Your Look Matters


Web design is the process of creating and maintaining web pages with the intent of presenting the content to the end users. In doing so, there are two fundamental goals that every web designer should aspire towards. First, the web design agency must endeavor to find a design that is both beautiful, and user friendly. Second, the web design company must strive to target the appropriate audience. To achieve these goals, a web design company has to overcome a lot of hurdles, but there are two basic things that can make a significant difference: typography and color schemes.


Typography refers to the style and appearance of the printed material. It impacts several aspects of the audience experience like readability, the length of the article, the mood it sets, how it lends to the end user experience and draw him back to the website in the future. 95% of an average website is covered with content; if typography lacks the basic measures of aesthetics and readability, the designer may have failed at his job.

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There are a number of ways a good web design agency can improve the way its content appears on the screen. The most important factor is that the content must mean something. It sounds perfectly vague, right? What it means is if the designer is able to synchronize the mood of the brand and the mood set on the webpage, not only will he be able to create a consistency between the brand and its communications, but also extend the spirit of the brand forward to its potential clients and customers. Also, typography is not the same thing as a font and must not be considered as a mere stylistic technique. It goes far beyond that. It is important that a web designer does not end up using too many different font styles in order to appear stylish, when in fact it compromises the readability for the audience, and ends up being merely distracting. Other important factors to consider are text spacing, visual hierarchy of text and content, measure, scaling and alignment.

Second Element

The second important element of the web design is the color scheme. Imagine a funeral services website draped in neon yellow and green. It doesn’t seem appropriate, right? The color scheme too ties into the idea of brand consistency. The first thing the web design company should take into account is the nature of the product they are selling, and find a way to connect the website’s design to the product. Another way would be to use colors that enhance the colors of the products being sold, if the website relies on extensive image projections. It’s important not to make the website look like a rainbow at the end of the day, but to use subtle colors that enhance not just the readability for the audience, but also induce a positive mood and seem visually appealing. For that reason, it is quite important again, for the designer to be aware of his target audience, and use that information to create a perfect design.


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Webdesign : Rules That you Need to Follow

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Beautiful design and layout always capture the attention of the targeted audience. That is exactly why top webdesign firms give utmost importance to these two aspects. Everybody understands that content needs to be superior and at the same time; underestimating the significance visual beauty and aesthetics can lead to low acceptance as well. Smart professionals make use of creative and dynamic solutions to design a website and they employ outside the box ideas to make the website design really unique and appealing. A great design always combines usability and aesthetic appeal in a harmonious manner to make a positive impact on the visitors. Here are the 3 important webdesign rules that you need to follow if you want to make your website stand tall among the competitors:

Develop a simple and uncomplicated design

Simplicity is an essential component to make the best design and top website design professionals are competent enough to create simple and attractive designs because they have clear cut understanding about the spatial relationships between various components of the design including navigation, content, white space, footer and logo. Skilled designers always place navigation and logo on top of a website and they place the navigation on every page to ensure smooth navigation. White space is the component that allows a design to ‘breathe’ by guiding the users’ eyes around a page and the much needed balance and unity can be achieved with the help of this component. Visitors always want to get information using only a few clicks and a simple design plays the most important role in making the browsing process uncomplicated.

Utilize colors properly

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Use of wrong colors makes a design disastrous and it is always advisable to use proper color combinations to make the design stand tall among the competitors. Each color creates unique psychological responses and it can be said without an iota of doubt that talented webdesign professionals have clear cut idea about the color psychology. Proper use of colors influence the emotional and behavioral patterns of the buyers and in order to design a website, experienced designers make use of warm and cool colors in a unique manner. The most common warm colors include pink, orange, red, burgundy, yellow and brown and, these colors represent heat, emotions, joy and power. Warm colors always dominate the cool colors when they are placed together and such an approach creates an improved visual emphasis. The most popular cool colors include blue, shades of violet and green and, these colors invite a soothing effect. Top web designers apply cool colors to set up backgrounds and bigger elements on a page because they do not reduce the importance of the content.

Give utmost importance to typography

The content is presented through the medium known as typography and it plays the most prominent role in deciding the personality of a site. A top quality webdesign transforms a simple text into an expressive image with the help of typography and this approach leads to better communication with the customers. Proper typography improves the visual appeal of a design and in order to create an artistic flair, different font types need to be combined in a harmonious manner. Choosing the most suitable typeface is absolutely important when it comes to website design and accomplished designers know the art of mixing them in the best way possible.


Other important components that need to be taken care of while designing a website include better awareness about the targeted audience, developing the best designs for different screen sizes and creating easily usable web forms and building superior content as well. When you hire a top website design company, you can enjoy all these benefits in a cost effective manner.


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